You have needs.  You need to put a message together in a complete package which is not only enjoyable but also delivers results.  That’s where R.Middendorf Media, LLC comes in.

Although first founded in 2006 primarily as a still photography company, R.Middendorf Media, LLC has continued to grow and evolve as client needs have changed.  We still offer many of the same outstanding still photography services, but we also include custom video and film like digital solutions.

In 2013, we experienced a high demand for motion imagery solutions for real estate.  Within less than a year, we’ve figured out the formula to deliver quality custom motion imagery at an affordable rate for our real estate clients.

And although video has been a primary focus of our principal owner for quite some time, only recently have we grown to include general video and digital film media production as a regular service.  And we can also assist you with identifying the best communication channels to effectively- yet still affordably- deliver your message.

Do you have a media creation or advertising problem that needs solved?  Contact Rodney at 614.940.4249 or to discuss solutions.


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