Where’s the flashy open, you ask?  Well we think those are noisy so we keep those off the homepage.  Why?

There’s nothing we can’t produce, shoot, create, plan and communicate.  That’s the creative.  We’ve got that covered.  Our owner and founder has lived, worked, played and experienced all things Central Ohio.  This includes knowing the best creative professionals- both individuals and businesses- in the communications industry.

We get to custom pick our teams for your project.  We have a few employees, but its our incredible affiliate network that sets us apart.  Do we need writers, actors, additional grips, makeup artists, and multiple camera operators to accomplish your goals?  Do we need another firm to consult because you have additional operations in another state?  Or can we reach your 100% with just a producer and a web designer?

But it always starts here: What problem(s) are you trying to solve today?  By starting at the beginning and planning for success our clients achieve better results all across the board.  So if you just need something as simple as a produced web video or you want us to develop a brand from scratch and make sure your potential clients receive the message we ask you one question...

What problem(s) can we help you solve today?

Engineered Media Content Creation